The must-have book by Bernadette O’Shea.

After a twenty-five year career in champagne, Australian author Bernadette O’Shea has probably tasted more champagne than most of us have had glasses of water.

In her first book, Bernadette revisits some of those tastings as she matches champagne and food flavours. Her highly original approach combines entertaining reading with unique and priceless knowledge in a luxe format, at a time when champagne is becoming widely appreciated as a serious food wine.

CHAMPAGNE & CHANDELIERS: GRAND DINING CELEBRATIONS tells thirty-five stories about history-making moments alive in the world’s collective memory and recreates each event’s dinner of celebration, matching the menu to champagnes.

Exquisite images of chandeliers throughout the book are a visual expression of what we find so inexpressibly tantalising about masses of fine bubbles leaping gaily out of a crystal glass.

Thirty-five stories, 220 champagnes and 30 champagne house profiles are accompanied by rare and privileged photographs of royal menus, salons within private châteaux and palaces, crown jewels, aged cellar treasures still resting on the lees, priceless artefacts and fine art.

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… superbly conceived, written and presented, this highly original book could only have been written by Bernadette! I commend it to all lovers of wine and the finer things in life.’ - Huon Hooke, wine judge, wine writer Sydney Morning Herald.

'I have had many opportunities to appreciate her outstanding knowledge of champagne as well as her natural talent for communicating.There is no doubt that the whole of Champagne will take her project to heart and support it.' - Christian POL-ROGER, Champagne Pol Roger.

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Think Christmas, think any celebration – think champagne. With infectious good humour Australia’s own champagne darling pops the cork on the champagne and chandelier world, escorting us to famous occasions involving romance, history, politics, fashion and art. In story and image, we join dining tables at Buckingham Palace, Versailles and the White House, we look in on dinner with Luciano Pavarotti, Frank Sinatra and Princess Grace, we attend a spectacle with Karl Lagerfeld in China, meet Rémi Krug in Hong Kong, we celebrate at the wedding banquets of Princess Mary and Princess Diana; and the parade goes on. At each glittering destination we taste different champagnes chosen by the author and find out what makes each of them unique. Bernadette O’Shea has a way of writing about the senses that has you tasting her words.

… little lemon lollies covered with icing sugar appear, partnered by lime sherbet, walnuts, and honey-drizzled cashews

… finishes with a stream of mountain water mingled with delicate citrus

… crammed with intense, marvellous flavours of blueberry, strawberry and quince, following a nose of rose-pink, almost red, roses.

… an abundance of ripe fresh strawberries, with a lovely raspberry layer, followed by red-centred peaches and baked apples … all wrapped in a fine veil of cream

… rich vanilla characters mingle with almonds and hazelnuts covered by chocolate, and there are touches of black cherries and apricot kernel

… seductive aromas of lilacs, peach blossom, freesia and an ethereal hint of wild violet

… a layer of pistachio biscotti, dusted over with fine sweet Moroccan cinnamon. There is a streak of herbaceousness, similar to Vietnamese mint, with a hint of lime, and the nose oozes nasturtium flowers and yellow iris.